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Hunter Douglas Window treatments

Window Treatments

Window Treatments


Window treatments are more than just décor in your home; they are also a functioning feature. At Excelsior Paint & Design Carpet One Floor & Home in Excelsior, MN, we are more than just flooring. We also carry window treatments in our showroom. Our trained and professional staff can help you complete the look of your space with both floors and window treatments. If you have been thinking, what are the best window treatments near me, we can help you choose from blinds, shades, shutters and more. If you bring in photos of your space, we can help design a whole room around the new window treatments you decide to choose. 


Advantages of Window Treatments


One of the major advantages of adding window treatments in your home is preventing your furniture and floors from fading. Your flooring and furniture are exposed to sunlight for most of the day and can become damaged by the UV rays and will fade or start cracking over time. By making a simple and easy investment into window coverings, you can save additional costs of having to replace your floors and furniture more frequently. 



Another advantage is added privacy in your home. The different types of treatments offer different levels of privacy. Blinds offer the most privacy and can completely block outside light. Shades offer a different level of privacy, and although they are opaque, they still allow a soft light to come through your windows.


Window Treatments Near Me


Window blinds and shutters are considered hard window treatments because of their rigid construction. They are best used to regulate how much light you allow into your room. In many cases you can combine them with window fabrics such as valences and curtains. 



Softer window treatments like window shades are good for controlling the amount of light you let into your room. Many shades come in honey comb and roman styles, and are made from soft fabrics. Many times they look just as stunning alone and do not need to be combined with curtains.



We are proud to continually serve the areas of Minnetonka, Chaska, Chanhassan, Wayzata, and Victoria. 



Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

Hunter Douglas Window Treatments


Hunter Douglas is one of the best known window

treatment brands around. Their vast collection of

styles and products means you have the unlimited

ability to personalize your windows.






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