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Hardwood Floors in Excelsior, MN


Looking for hardwood floors near you in Excelsior, MN? We’ve got you covered. Natural wood floors are also hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and last for the life of your home if properly installed and maintained.


OuExcelsior Paint & Design Carpet One Floor & Home flooring experts can guide you through the various hardwood flooring options available for your specific home improvement project.


What Is Hardwood Flooring?


Hardwood flooring is made with natural materials and comes in a variety of colors, species, and types for you to choose from. If you’re not sure which type of hardwood is right for you or where to install your flooring, keep reading for helpful guidelines


Best Species of Hardwood

Just like any other flooring, hardwood comes in an assortment of options.


Choose a domestic or exotic wood species that fits your design taste and functional needs. For instance, oak is solid, scratch-resistant, and has uniform grain patterns. In contrast, hickory is known for its dynamic grain patterns and shading.


Other popular wood species we offer include:



Styling Your Hardwood Floor

In addition to the species, you can also choose different plank textures, sizes, and gloss levels. From wide plank, weathered dark wood that gives your floor a reclaimed look to bright, airy, and smooth light wood that’s expansive and modern, we have many different styles to choose from.


What is Engineered Hardwood?

Solid and engineered hardwoods are the two main types of wood flooring. Here’s a closer look at these two types of hardwood and their benefits.




Can Hardwood Flooring Handle Humidity?

All hardwoods are affected by humidity, even engineered hardwoods.


Like many natural materials, hardwood has the potential to change when exposed to humidity. Hardwood floors will eventually swell when exposed to humid air. Yet the specific amount of swelling differs according to a variety of factors.


Careful, consistent climate control is essential to let your hardwood have a long, happy life. We recommend using a hygrometer to measure your indoor humidity levels. Use a humidifier during dry months and a dehumidifier during humid bouts to keep your wood from warping.


Where Can I Install Hardwood Floors?

Generally, you do not want to install real wood flooring in bathrooms or other high-moisture spaces where spills and humidity are common.

Most hardwood planks can be installed in a variety of areas, including:



We proudly provide professional installation services and during installation, we leave space between your floorboards so they can naturally expand and contract without warping due to moisture.


Shop Hardwood Near You - Excelsior Paint & Design Carpet One

As a locally owned flooring store, we have high standards for our products in our showroom. Our hardwood brands are high-quality and competitively priced. Additionally, we can help you with all your related hardwood services, including custom installations and hardwood refinishing.


Visit our showroom for your next hardwood flooring project. Shop our online hardwood selection now!



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Hardwood Flooring Care

Natural hardwood flooring care doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep your hardwood planks looking their best with these floor care tips.






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