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Kitchen and bathroom room scenes


We carry the following brands of countertops:
Cambria, Dekton, Silestone, and MSI Quartz.

There is a room waiting for you on our second floor dedicated to countertop samples from Cambria, Dekton, Silestrone and MSI Quartz. Come in with your sketches, ideas; pull out samples from our displays and be inspired.


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Dekton and Silestone

MSI Quartz



Kitchen or bathroom countertops are an important addition and investment to your home. They hold the structure of fixtures like cabinets, vanities, kitchen islands and more. They provide a surface for you to complete many home-related activities. At Excelsior Paint & Design Carpet One in Excelsior, MN, we carry a variety of countertop brands as well as materials for you to choose from.


Kitchen Countertop Options

Whether you are looking for countertops strong enough to withstand the heat of a pan directly out of the oven, ones you can prepare or chop food on, or you’re looking for a certain color scheme or grain, our countertops section in our showroom is sure to inspire.



While there are many countertop materials, some of the most popular include stone, wood, and recycled countertops. Stone can be made from things like granite, quartz, marble and soapstone while wood countertops are heat resistant and affordable. Recycled countertops are a great choice if you’re looking to be a little more environmentally conscious and are made from any mix of things like glass, paper, plastic, composite and concrete.


Countertop Installation


Installing a new countertop is more than just getting the dimensions right, you also need to factor in plumbing and where you appliances will be going. We hire subcontractors to do our countertop installations. And we can hire a plumber to hook up the new faucet as well. We can give assistance in finding a new sink, and a new faucet! We ensure that all of the seams meet and line up accordingly, and also ensure your countertop will not separate from your wall. 


Our Countertops Selections


Our unique assortment of countertop brands and materials includes Cambria countertops, Corian, Avonite, Zodiaq, soapstone, granite, marble and silestone.



Cambria produces solid surface countertops. They are much stronger than granite and are less likely to scratch, chip or stain. They are also easy to clean and just need a little warm water and mild soap. Their countertops are nonporous, so they will not draw in harmful bacteria from raw food.



Corian countertops are another solid surface option we offer. Just like any other solid surface, Corian countertops can resist nicks, cuts and other wear and tear. Since it features a nonporous surface, cleaning up messes is easy and you do not have to worry about staining.



Avonite is a pioneer in solid surface countertops and was the first to introduce a vibrant spectrum of colors at a time when the industry consisted of only pale neutrals.



Zodiaq quartz countertops are a product from Dupont. These countertops are sourced from amply available quartz. The colors of these surfaces achieve an unbelievable coordination between the durability of rock and the subtle interaction of light and natural crystal.



Silestone is a type of engineerd stone countertop option that is a combination of natural quartz and other raw materials that are extraordinarily hard and resilient. These countertops make for the ideal option in kitchens and bathrooms. 



Dekton is known as an “ultra compact surface” that is made from a combination of the same materials used to make quartz, glass, and porcelain countertops. These are a bran new type of countertop that is created with a unique fabrication process called Sinterized Particle Technology.



MSI offers the greatest product variety in the home products market. Their countertop selection includes quartz countertops, natural stone countertops and tile (granite, marble, travertine, slate, limestone, quartzite, and sandstone), prefabricated countertops, decorative mosaics, and sinks.



Vicostone offers engineered and fabricated stone countertops that are made partially with quartz. Their collection features hundreds of styles from which you can choose and feature incredible durability. 



HanStone has quartz and solid surface options as part of their countertop collection. These countertops are designed to stand up to every day challenges. 




Recycled Countertops


Recycled countertops are beginning to trend as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional countertops options. Recycled countertops can range from recycled glass, paper composite, recycled glass tile, recycled aluminum, and FSC certified wood, bamboo, or reclaimed wood.



Stone countertops come in several different materials including soapstone, granite, marble, and quartz. Stone countertops are a high-end option for your kitchen and bathroom, and will last a long time in your home. Most stone countertops can be treated to be stain, scratch, and heat resistant.




Laminate countertops are a budget friendly option for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. Manufacturers have stepped up their game to complete with other countertop materials, which means laminate looks more realistic and can handle your everyday kitchen and bathroom needs.


Granite is comprised of a many different minerals that give each countertop slab a unique and attractive appearance. Some advantages of granite include incredible resistance to scratching and heat from pots and pans, and also adding beauty to your space. However, granite needs to be sealed and properly maintained because it is a porous surface.

granite countertops


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