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Top Carpet Trends

Carpet Trends


Because carpet is meant to endure, changing trends tend to overlap year after year. If you love large swaths of white in your home, that's great. It's both trendy and classic. If you prefer the earth tones, you're style will hold through many fashion revolutions. So, what kind of carpet trends are pushing forward this year? Well, let's just say that more thought goes into carpet flooring than ever before, so new trends incorporate the best of carpet manufacturers' innovations in textures, colors, piles and patterns. Today, carpet can be art on your floor.


Today's Carpet Trends


Cut and loop textured carpet gives your eyes something to look at, even if the room has no furniture yet. The varied heights, cuts and loops form somewhat random patterns, and plush textures make you want to lie down and run your hand across the carpet. Lower piles seem to find favor with designers this year, aligning with the interior trends towards clean lines, less clutter and sharp angles in furniture. 


Carpet Color Trends


The more austere interior design trends might be too stark if it weren't for the addition of vibrant colors. While the idea persists that a home should be carpeted in neutral colors because it could be considered more marketable with "blank slate" hues, today's trends are moving away from that idea. Why not carpet your home in colors that please you, not some unknown future buyer? Classic navy blues and wine shades are making a come-back. For those trend-setters who prefer the carpet flooring to provide the pop of color while the furniture and accents blend to the carpet also enjoy corals, greens and even lavenders.


Modern Carpet trends


As mentioned, short piles are storming the design offices; however, thicker, more plush carpet never really goes out of style, at least for the areas with less daily traffic. Berbers with their short, dense loops are great for high-traffic rooms and where children play. The popular frieze look, where the fibers bend at random so the carpet appears to have no one direction, or nap, tend to hide foot traffic between vacuuming and also works well for children's areas and basements. 


Wall to Wall Carpet Trends


Patterns can be formed from the type of cut or loop texture, and come in many purposeful designs, too. But the biggest trend in carpet flooring is the color arrangements. With choices in geometric shapes, stripes, animal hide prints and much more, any room can be completely personalized to the taste of the user. Some color designs tend to have a more classic, enduring caché, while other applications are trending towards an art deco or neo-1960's look.



With the variety of carpet styles, colors, textures and patterns available, your space can brandish the very cutting edge of today's floor fashion.



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