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Carpet Store in Excelsior, Minnesota


Welcome to Excelsior Paint & Design Carpet One Floor & Home! We are delighted to be your top choice for the most comfortable, stylish, and soft carpets in Excelsior, Minnesota. We understand that when it comes to carpet shopping, you aim to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere at home, and we are here to help. Looking to learn more about carpets before you buy? Read more as we break down the different types and benefits of carpet and which is best for your home.


Why Choose Carpet?

Carpet continues to be one of the most popular home flooring options because of its unmatched style and comfort qualities. Carpet’s versatility in homes is unmatched, and whether you want a basic beige carpet or a different pattern in every room, we can help make that happen.


Carpet is known for being warm, soft, and inviting. Carpet is not only a comfortable surface to walk on but is also comfortable to lay down on after a long day at work when you want to play with your children!


What Is Carpet Made of?

Carpet is made up of fibers, piles, and backings.


The fibers are what make a carpet; they can be synthetic like nylon or natural like wool. Synthetic carpet fibers and stain-fighting coatings were once associated with the off-gassing of undesirable volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, but improvements in design and manufacturing have made this less of an issue.


The most common types of fibers are as follows:


What Type of Carpet Is Best for My Home?

We understand that choosing the right type of carpet for your home is essential to create the perfect ambiance. If you're installing carpet in high-traffic areas, consider our stain-resistant options to withstand the wear and tear of daily life. You can install carpet in many different places in your home. Consider a stain-resistant carpet if you’re planning on installing it in areas like hallways, entryways, and stairs. These areas tend to pick up dirt, so preventing wear by choosing a carpet that will stand up to traffic is something to keep in mind. You want your house to feel like a home.


When considering new flooring, remember to think about your overall design and how you want it to look in the end. It’s essential to choose a carpet that gives the best balance of style and function to make you happy. Stain-resistant and pet-proof carpets can also be installed in more areas of the home like hallways and stairs. Bathrooms and kitchens are not suitable for carpets because they are high-moisture areas.


Is There Pet-Friendly Carpet?

We adore our pets just as much as you do, but we also know they can be tough on your floors. That's why we've got you covered with our pet-friendly carpets. These carpets are not only water, stain, and odor-resistant, but they're also made from highly durable materials that can withstand the pitter-patter of paws for years to come.


Say goodbye to pet accidents seeping through to your subfloor; our waterproof carpets that will prevent urine and pet accidents from sinking through the fibers to your subfloor for a worry-free living experience with your furry friend. With various colors, textures, and patterns, you can embrace the joy of living with your pet without the stress of constant cleaning. We also have many different carpet colors, textures, and patterns that help disguise pet fur and dirt between cleanings. These are all great flooring options that will make living with your furry friend a bit more worry-free.


Is There Allergy-Friendly Carpet?

Though hardwood is attractive, and vinyl is super-easy to maintain, few types of flooring can compare with the plushy appeal of comfy carpeting on a cold day. If you suffer from allergies and love the look and feel of carpeting, learn which characteristics of this popular floor covering are best for resisting allergens.


Shorter fibers mean less room for allergens to become trapped and hide from your broom or vacuum sweeper. Berber carpeting is one example of low-pile carpeting. This type of floor covering is generally easier to clean and maintain and typically holds up better and longer than high-pile carpets such as shag.


Regardless of which type of carpet you choose, keeping it clean and pristine will improve the air quality inside your home. Vacuum regularly and have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year -- more often if you have indoor pets or areas of heavy foot traffic. Wipe stains up promptly before the moisture has time to seep down into carpet padding because this could allow mold to develop.


Where can Carpet be Installed?


Where Can I Shop for Quality Carpet Near Me?

With so many options, understanding the features of carpets can feel overwhelming. At Excelsior Paint & Design Carpet One Floor & Home, we can help you make sense of it all. We have name-brand carpets online and in our showroom.

We also offer custom stair runners and installation. You can turn to our flooring experts to help you find the best carpet for your home. We utilize our exclusive Select-A-Floor system that helps narrow down your selection based on your lifestyle and style preferences.

How to Prevent Carpet Fading

Learn how to protect your carpets beauty from fading with these tips and tricks!
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10 Things to Know About Carpet

Rady to buy carpet? Here are some things to keep in mind about carpet before you buy.
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Can't wait to get in-store? Start browsing our incredible selection of carpets online now, including amazing styles colors, patterns, textures, and more!


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