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Top Carpet Brands

Top Carpet Brands


The floor shopping process can be extensive, and it takes place in a number of layers. The first of those layers involves deciding the type of flooring you will use in the room, such as hardwood for a living room, LVT for a kitchen, or carpet for a bedroom, playroom, home office and beyond. After looking around, you’ve come to decide on carpet. What comes next? A new set of factors emerges, including style, color, price, texture, warranty and more. Similar to when you buy most household items, you are more likely to choose certain brands over others. So, we at Excelsior Paint & Design Carpet One are here to tell you about our two favorite carpet brands: Tigressa Carpet and Lees Carpet.


Waterproof Carpets


Tigressa Carpet is an exclusive Carpet One Floor & Home brand known for its innovative features. Tigressa carpets feature super soft fibers and yet strong and lasting durability. One of the newest additions to the Tigressa family is Tigressa H2O, an unparalleled product that is waterproof. Because of the backing used on this carpet, spills and stains are blocked from seeping through and are therefore much easier to clean up. Tigressa carpets are available in many colors and are some of the softest carpets we offer.


Living Room Flooring Options


Lees Carpet has been around since 1846, and has a name that is synonymous with great quality. Even though Lees is an older brand, it is constantly introducing new and fashion forward products. Some of our favorite lines include Relax, It’s Lees, and Lees Studio 1846. Lees products are beautiful while not skimping on the functionality and protective benefits carpet has to offer, either.



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