Types of Flooring Excelsior, MN

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The floor buying process can seem daunting, but let us help make it easier! There are so many factors to choose from, where do you start? It usually always leads back to this: while the look and style of your floor is important, ultimately the decision is going to be based on how it fits in to your lifestyle. So, we at Excelsior Carpet One have broken it down for you in hopes of making your choice a little easier. As always, come in to consult with us! We have a design team that can work with you to ensure your taste and needs are in sync in your home. Excelsior Carpet One is proud to work with the homes and businesses of Excelsior, Plymouth, Shorewood, Wayzata, Chanhassen and Deephaven.

For families with young children:

The most important things to consider are falls and spills. Small children who aren’t steady on their feet need a comfortable landing pad while they’re growing and carpeting is the perfect soft surface. However, while carpet is soft, it can show and hold on to stains easily, so make sure to pick the right color of carpet like neutral or speckled and make sure to protect it with a great backing so stains don’t seep through.

For busy, bustling households:

For houses with a lot of traffic or likelihood of mess, hard surface flooring like tile is a good choice since spills and stains are super easy to clean up. Thinking about how to clean laminate floors won’t provide stress since it just takes a sweep! Looking for scratch-resistant flooring to withstand all the traffic? Vinyl is a great option as a durable and resistant floor.

For the elderly:

Although for different reasons than small children, seniors often need a soft surface for comfort underfoot since they tend to be less active. Carpet is also slip-resistant which will allow for them to easily move around the house.

For the allergy-prone:

Carpeting is probably the most likely floor for dust and allergens to gather, so if you are allergy prone, choose a flooring type that is easy to maintain and clean, like tile or vinyl. Both options are seamless and cleaning up stains off those floors is a breeze.

For pet owners:

Just like kids, pets are not necessarily flooring’s best friend. However, there are great options which can give you comfort while still allowing for easy care and cleanup. Pet urine and hair are often hard to clean out of carpet. Leaving the particles there can cause odors and dust. Low-maintenance flooring options like vinyl and tile are good options and are even great in any room of the house!