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Tigressa Carpet

You love having a carpet in your home. Its comfort provides a place where the entire family can hangout, and its soft texture allows you relax. Well, relax until a stubborn stain shows up. The traditional carpet in your home may have been beautiful and blemish free when you got it, but after years of use, you will begin to see fading, stains, and tears. When it comes to making a flooring investment in your home, you want a floor that will stand the test of time, and one that will also provide protection to young kids and pets running around. Just because your traditional carpet doesn’t have the strength needed for years of use doesn’t mean there isn’t a carpet out there that is capable. The Tigressá® carpet collections provide numerous benefits and features to enrich your home.

Tigressa Carpet Strength

Tigressá® carpets are constructed with tightly woven nylon fibers, which allow more filaments per square inch, and thus creating its long lasting softness and strength. In addition, these fibers protect the carpet from every day wear and tear. 

The Tigressá® Cherish collection takes the unique carpet features a step further with its use of recycled resources and nature-inspired hues. Another notable feature of the Tigressa Cherish collection is its color technology which prevents the carpet from fading over time. 

Waterproof Carpet

However, if you are looking for greater protection against those accidental spills, the Tigressá® H20™ collection is most notable for its waterproof construction. This carpet is unlike any other carpet you have heard about, for it prevents liquids from soaking into the carpet padding and to the subfloor. Not to mention, the carpet is easy to clean and incredibly durable. Accidents from pets aren’t a problem to pick up, and the carpet won’t retain the odor. Also, even if you miss a spill the first time, you can still clean it easily.

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Tigressá® Carpet Collections

Tigressa H20

Tigressá® H20™

Waterproof carpet construction

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Tigressa Cherish

Tigressá® Cherish

With the advanced color technology, your carpet will never fade.

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Softer and richer colors with more fiber strength

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Tigressá® carpets allow you to enjoy your home and not have to worry about the floors appearance over time. To learn more about Tigressá® carpets, contact Excelsior Paint & Design Carpet One Floor & Home today, or visit our showroom in Excelsior, MN.

We continue to provide Tigressá® carpets to the areas of Greenwood, Victoria, St., Minnetonka, Chaska, and Chanhassen, MN.