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Summer isn’t often a time associated with “the blues.” Usually that feeling is reserved for gloomy and rainy or cold wintery days. If you think about it, the phrase “the blues” doesn’t actually reflect the color it is named for; after all, isn’t looking up at the clear blue sky or out into the sparkling blue ocean a great pick me up?

It’s no surprise then that shades of blue are taking over interior decorating this summer. From light to bright to deep hues, come see us at Excelsior Paint and Design in Excelsior, MN, if you think it’s time for you to embrace the blues.

The Blues of Your Home: 4 Trendy Shades to Refresh Any Room

Sky Blue: There’s nothing comparable to the feeling of enjoying the fresh air and staring up at the sky on a beautiful day. Sky blue has a calming tone to bring that feeling of serenity inside. You can accent the room with brighter colors to contrast the light sky blue, or compliment it with other colors synonymous with nature.

Navy: A new neutral is emerging in interior paint colors: navy. Navy is similar to black and white in the way that it can add to a room without overpowering it. And what says summer more than the color most associated with nautical fare? While four navy walls may be a little much, try an accent wall with navy and white stripes or try pairing it with bold shades of red and pink to match. 

Ocean Blue: Speaking of nautical: from the light, bright color of the water’s edge to the deeply blue heart of the ocean, the water is a source for calm and cool on a hot day. Deep blue walls can envelop a room with sparkles and glistening flecks. If you’re on board for a very big project, try pairing the two colors together to mimic the waters spanning out from the shore.

Bright Turquoise: If you have a large space to fill, like a room with vaulted ceilings and high windows, consider turquoise. Turquoise makes a bold statement and if you love color, it could be the one for you. Turquoise pairs well with lighter shades of pink, purple and green that really let the bright color shine. Try stenciling on a white pattern on certain spots of your wall like chevron or paisley to really make a personal statement.