Masland Carpet

One of the softest carpets available

What is the Softest Carpet?

The floor you select to be the newest addition to your home will be a great representation of your personality, taste and style. The floor will also play a role in determining what the room is used for. For instance, bold colored tile in the kitchen can represent the busy (and sometimes messy) nature of the room. Deep and rich hardwood in a living room can carry through the warmth that comes from the fires you light in there every so often. Carpet can add coziness to a bedroom or playroom for the children. It can serve as a soft surface in libraries, studies, sitting rooms or other areas you like to lounge in. Carpet is available in so many different textures, fibers and colors and can be cut in many ways for a unique finish. Carpet is suitable for so many rooms around your home, but is probably best suited in rooms without a lot of moisture or proneness to other messes.

Soft Carpet for Bedrooms

At Excelsior Pain & Design Carpet One in Excelsior, MN, we carry many brands of carpet including some of our very own Carpet One brands. We also carry specialty brands, and one of the more unique ones is Masland carpet. Masland has been in the carpet creation business for almost 200 years. They create quality carpets right here in the U.S.A, in Pennsylvania to be exact. Masland carpets come in original and unique designs. Masland is also constantly evolving their product offerings to appeal to the modern customer.

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