Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Learn about the best floors for your kitchen

What is the Most Popular Kitchen Floor?

When remodeling a kitchen, options are endless to make your kitchen one in a million.  You can create any combination when choosing your counters, cabinets, and flooring, so how do you know where to start?  Tile flooring is an excellent option for the kitchen because of its versatility, durability, and relatively cheap price tag.

Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas

The kitchen floor sees a great deal of traffic, so it makes sense to find flooring that is durable.  People are walking through the kitchen daily, and the floor may become victim to any number of drops and spills.  Luckily, both ceramic and porcelain tiles are extremely durable, with possibly only natural stone (also available in tile form) being more resilient.  Tile is also very easy to take care of.  A quick sweep of the floor and a wipe down with a wet mop will keep your floor looking beautiful.  And, because tile is so water resistant, it is easy to keep kitchen tile clean in an area where bacteria and germs from food spills are present.  Another perk to tile flooring is that if a tile should become damaged, it is a cheap and easy repair to simply remove and replace the broken tile.  Compared to other flooring options, tile is not nearly as expensive and, depending on the colors and patterns you choose to use in your kitchen, can fetch a pretty good return on investment when reselling your home.

What is the Best type of Flooring?

Because of the versatility of kitchen tile, there are countless numbers of looks tile can give to your kitchen floor.  On trend now are ceramic tiles made to look like other materials. Ceramic tile made to look like hardwood is available in several different colors and plank widths to mimic the look of a real hardwood floor.  If you prefer the look of natural stone, but not necessarily the price, ceramic tile is available with a printed surface to appear to be slate, travertine, or marble.  Remember that with tile there are a variety of different sizes and shapes available.  Tile can be set in any pattern and can be mixed and matched with other tile too.  One new trend that is making an appearance in kitchens is a tiled “area rug” made of different patterned ceramic tiles in front of the kitchen sink or behind the kitchen island. 

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