Kitchen Countertops

Cover up with our countertop selection.

Kitchen or bathroom countertops are an important addition to your home. They will hold the structure of fixtures like cabinets, vanities, kitchen islands and more. They will also provide a surface for you to complete many home-related activities. At Excelsior Paint & Design Carpet One in Excelsior, MN, we carry a variety of countertop brands as well as materials for you to choose from. Our unique assortment of countertop brands and materials includes Cambria countertops, Corian, Avenite, Zodiac, soapstone, granite, marble and silestone. Whether you’re looking for countertops strong enough to withstand the heat of a pan directly out of the oven, ones you can prepare or chop food on, or you’re looking for a certain color scheme or grain, our countertops section in our showroom is sure to inspire.

While there are many countertop materials, some of the most popular include stone, wood, and recycled countertops. Stone can be made from things like granite, quartz, marble and soapstone while wood countertops are heat resistant and affordable. Recycled countertops are a great choice if you’re looking to be a little more environmentally conscious and are made from any mix of things like glass, paper, plastic, composite and concrete.

To learn more about our special cabinet brands or to begin weighing your options, please come see us today!