LVT & LVP floors that provide the look and feel of real hardwood and stone


You have heard of the luxury vinyl flooring brands such as COREtec Plus and Invincible H20, but we also offer Karndean LVT flooring. Karndean flooring has many benefits, and the most notable benefit being its perfectly design hardwood and stone floors. 

Hardwood Look LVT Flooring

Karndean prides itself on providing all the characteristics of real hardwood but without the drawbacks. Its low maintenance and ability to retain its appearance years past real hardwood make it undoubtedly a top choice for homeowners. Choose from a variety of color, shades, and tones that mimic the intricate details and natural look of real hardwood. Even the feel of the floor will have you thinking it is real wood. 

LVT Durability

Though Karndean has all the characteristics of real hardwood, it provides more benefits and durability. For instance, Karndean LVT floors are more hygienic and have a non-porus surface. This means any germs, dirt, or bacteria won’t be able to find cracks to seep into. In addition, Karndean is very easy to clean. Spills and dirt are easy to wipe away, and thanks to the surface treatment, the floor is protected against wear scuffs, dents, and hardwearing. Even if you floors become damaged, Karndean offers fitted individual pieces you can remove and replace. 

Stone Look Vinyl Flooring

Along with the many choices for a hardwood look, Karndean also provides the realistic looks of modern slate tiles, limestone, and everything in between. Similar to Karndean’s hardwood look, the natural stone surfaces offer all the designs of real stone but with greater benefits and durability. 

Durability & Benefits

Unlike real stone which can be cold underfoot, Karndean LVT floors are warmer and underfloor heating can also be added without problems. Additionally, these floors are more resilient and won’t chip like some real stone floors do. Another added benefit is Karndean is water resistant, easy to maintain, and is ideal for homes with children and pets. 
Below is the Looselay Construction of the floors. This construction gives the floor its strength and durability.

To learn more about Karndean LVT floors, contact Excelsior Paint & Design today, or visit our showroom in Excelsior, MN. 

We continue to provide Karndean floors to the areas of Greenwood, Victoria, St., Minnetonka, Chaska, and Chanhassen, MN.