Karastan Carpet

Get to know one of the most pristine carpet brands available

Karastan Carpet

Area rugs are lovely and functional. They are the ideal product to transform any room with a stylish pop. Historically, area rugs have been used as warming or protective elements in rooms with hard surface flooring. The carpet would warm the floor and also serve as a barrier between furniture or foot traffic and your beautiful hard surfaces. Now, they are a whole new decorative category in and of themselves. Area rugs are available in so many different shapes, styles and sizes. At Excelsior Carpet One in Excelsior, MN, we also have the tools to back and bind and of our carpets into custom area rugs based on your specifications. We have a large selection of carpets and carpet remnants for you to choose from, and you can also explore some of the specialty brands we carry, like Karastan Carpet.

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The Karastan name is known for producing quality area rugs and wall-to-wall carpet. You could even utilize both of their products together to create a modern and extra comfy carpet and area rug combo! The Karastan brand has been around since the 1920’s. Their biggest innovation came when new technological advancements in flooring made it possible for people to recreate the delicate and ornate look or hand woven oriental rugs on a weaving machine. This resulted in lower prices and wider availability, making Karastan a household name. Today, they continue to put out fashionable statements in flooring.

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