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Designing your perfect dream home is a process from floor to ceiling, and at Excelsior Paint & Design Carpet One Floor & Home we’ve got you covered.  You’ve picked out the perfect floor, have a layout in mind for your furniture, but your walls are bare. You could add a bold paint to the wall to call attention, or you could use wallpaper.

Wallpaper is making a remarkable comeback and is nothing like the dark hued, one dimensional wallpaper you remember in Grandma’s house. Now, wallpaper is more three dimensional, comes in neutral colors, and the pattern options are all up to you.

Wallpaper Styles

The best places in your home to place wallpaper can vary. Avoid applying wallpaper in bathrooms, since the humidity will weaken the adhesive. Rooms where wallpaper can really make a statement include bedrooms, living rooms, even powder rooms. Choose to fully wallpaper your space, or even apply it to only half the wall. Wallpaper is not just limited to the walls in a room, you can also use wallpaper inside pantry’s and linen closets to create a surprise every time you open the door.

Choose from bold patterns to use on an accent wall. Using wallpaper on an accent wall in a bedroom can anchor major pieces of furniture such as the bed. Wallpaper in powder rooms create a jewel box in your home that will delight guests, and is a great place to start small when designing your home.

Be sure to visit our showroom in Excelsior, MN and speak with one of our design experts about wallpapering your home. 

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