Carpet Prices

Learn about the cost of carpets and installation

How Much is it for Carpet?

Carpeting has huge advantages to homeowners everywhere, including noise cancellation and traction control. The fibers of the carpet can trap dust and other harmful particles where they can be vacuumed up rather than bounced back into the air to be inhaled. Of all the kinds available, wall-to-wall carpeting is definitely the most sought after type because it's also fairly easy to maintain from room to room.

What is the Best Type of Carpet?

However, you may not know much about its cost, and exactly how carpet prices are broken down for the average consumer. You likely already know that it depends on labor costs, the supplier, the quality of the carpet, but it's necessary to look at these factors as a whole to make the best decision. We'll give you some helpful tips.

How to Compare Carpet Prices

Labor: You can't compare carpeting your smallest room to carpeting your main staircase, even if it's the same amount of square feet you'll use. Working with stairs as opposed to a straightforward room is much more difficult, so you'll need to take that into consideration. A supplier with a good deal of overhead will have higher labor costs than someone operating out of their van, but you're likely paying for quality work and longevity at that point as well.

Average Cost to Replace Carpet

Handling: The materials that a supplier uses matter in terms of total price you'll pay, and so do the materials they don't use. Durable stair nosings, moisture barriers, adhesives, padding and baseboards cost money, but they're necessary if you want your carpet to last. There are also disposal costs of the old carpet or flooring. You can do it yourself, but you'll likely come to regret it since it's not the easiest of tasks. You also may have to pay for the delivery of the carpet as well as the installation.

It's worth knowing all of this before you go into your search process. Look for a provider who can give you their upfront costs, and with the reputation to get you beautiful carpeting quickly.

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