• Feb 20, 2015
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2015 Design Predictions from Paul Semkuley

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We had the opportunity to ask Paul Semkuley, interior stylists and creator of Re:source Lifestyles, what trends he sees being popular in 2015. Here's what he shared as his 2015 design trend predictions for home decor.

BDMS: What do you see as the biggest trend in interior home design for 2015? Please provide examples of home products or rooms that represent this trend. 

2015 trends can easily be incorporated into a strong monochromatic base design. Many of my clients automatically jump to beige when they hear the word neutral but, there are a lot of natural neutrals being used as a solid base for decoration. This is not merely beige, but interpreted in soft blacks, greys and creamy whites as well as browns, mochas, taupes and natural linen.  Choosing a neutral base (if you already have one you’re a step ahead) allows you to introduce many of the hottest color trends for 2015 - Cobalt Blue, Sour Green with Blues, Ochre Yellows, Renaissance hues and soft pastels will continue to dominate. Olive greens are also making a strong influence this coming year.

Interior Styled by Paul Semkuley - 2015 Design Trends

BDMS: What are some ways that you will be using this trend in your designs?

To easily stay on trend, I try to bring in the stronger colors in decorative accessories, like pillows, throws and small beautiful object, keeping the foundation of the furniture neutral to give it the longevity to its simple understated beauty.

Interior Styled by Paul Semkuley - 2015 Design Trends

BDMS: How can the average consumer incorporate this trend into their home? 

Pillows are one of the easiest ways to change up your room. Look for pillows that have zipper closures so that you can change them out seasonally and add a down fill insert, to bring it the softness and quality of custom pillows. You can also add trendy colors in your accessories and window treatments.

About Paul

Re:source lifestyles, created by Paul Semkuley, is an interior styling and decorating firm, combining the love of art, fashion and design, dedicated to creating beautiful, distinct and uniquely personal interiors. Focusing on fresh lifestyle based designs, re:source lifestyles will infuse your personality and understated luxuries, to inspire you and provide the comforts to enrich your daily experience of living.



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